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Ion analysis with hr-ICPMS

Ion analysis has become an important tool for ultra trace elemental analysis of different samples (e.g. blood, serum, urine, tissue) and it may also be used for wear measurement in simulator studies. For wear measurement in simulator studies with hr-ICPMS, the whole simulation has to be done under clean room conditions. For this purpose all parts that are in contact with the implants have to be cleaned with ultra pure nitric acid and afterwards with ultra pure water several times under clean room conditions. Subsequently, the sample (e.g. serum from the simulator) is solubilised with ultra pure nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide in a Teflon container under clean room conditions using a microwave high-pressure autoclave. The solution is diluted with ultra pure water and analyzed for its elements (e.g. Co, Cr, Mo, Ti, Al, V, Zr, Sr, Y, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn) by an hr-ICPMS running under clean room conditions.

Because of the high detection power of the hr-ICPMS it is possible to determine ultra trace elements at extremely low values (limit of detection for Cr: 0,005g/l). A certified reference material is used for the quality assurance of the analyzing method. Since this method is highly labor-intensive, ion analysis with hr-ICPMS is currently not offered for clinical routine measurement, but can be implemented for scientific questions and research purposes.

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