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Micromotion analysis

Aseptic loosening presents a common reason for revision of prosthetic joint supplies. Sufficient initial implant stability is indispensable for lasting success. The implant's initial stability refers to the relative movement between the implant and bone (in cement-free implantation) and between the implant-bone cement or bone-bone cement interface (in cemented implantation). Many very small movements, or micro movements, are involved between the border surfaces. Under the application of stress and strain in various scenarios, the micro movements will be measured in the Laboratory for Biomechanics and Implant Research in order to improve implant stability. In this lab, there are a number of different measurement methods available to us. For the 3-dimensional determination of micro movement, we will apply an inductive touch measurement sensor as well as optical measurement methods, which are independent of any displacements and deformations of the structures to be measured and can quickly measure without contact.

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