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Implant retrieval registry

Due to the growing number of revision surgeries, the appropriate handling of retrieved joint replacements plays an increasingly important role in clinical work. Thus, a general explant register was established at Orthopaedic University Hospital Heidelberg in 2013. All kinds of prosthetic implants retrieved during revision surgery (for implant failure) will be consecutively included. As part of the establishment of the register, standardized processes have been created to ensure complete documentation and asservation of explanted prostheses. The retrievals are then stored in our laboratory. Furthermore, digital photos of the retrievals are obtained, and the patient data collected are registered anonymously in a database.

On the one hand, the explants are available for tracking and investigation of a case. On the other hand, the retrievals can be used for damage analysis providing, in combination with clinical and radiological data, understandings with respect to the mechanisms of implant failures.

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