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Informations to the 'Wahlfach' "Biomechanik und Grundlagen künstlicher Gelenke" [German]

Medical students

Beside the medical education at the University of Heidelberg (HeiCuMed), medical students who are interested in the field of biomechanics have the possibility to prepare their MD thesis on experimental projects within the spectrum of larger current biomechanical studies in cooperation with the lab's engineers.

Engineering students

The Laboratory of Biomechanics and Implant Research offers engineering students the opportunity to perform an internship or bachelor's/master's thesis in the field of biomechanics. Due to the close cooperation with the hospital the projects are of current interest and a high clinical relevance.

We have an extensive expertise in experimental research and offer a well-structured lab including simulators that replicate human joint movements over a wide range of motion. This methodological competence and experience provides a good framework for completing a project with a high level of scientific quality.

We are looking forward to your applications. Please select the type of program in the menu on the left-hand side.

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